Whack Smack Bang
Whack Smack Bang

Why show your work if you can show your world?

Whack Smack Bang creative direction, design

editor in chief, creative direction, copy Alexandra Onderwater
printer New Energy Drukwerk

Antwerp-based design agency Pinkeye asked us to create a magazine to showcase their latest work. Whack Smack Bang is an editorial formula developed in collaboration with editor in chief Alexandra Onderwater. The magazine is distributed both in Antwerp and beyond Belgium.

The title is inspired by poet Paul van Ostaijen, who was born in Antwerp in the 19th century and became best known for compositions created entirely from sounds instead of words.

The name is inspired by Antwerp's Paul van Ostaijen, who created poems solely from sounds

Whack Smack Bang functions as a deluxe newsletter – a way to show more than just the studio’s latest output. An agency stands for more than its portfolio; the people behind the name have fascinations, fantasies and ideas. But how can you see inside these creative minds? The magazine answers these questions by showing the agency’s full potential. Pinkeye’s dream assignments, latest obsessions and free work are featured in the formula.

We developed a series of article concepts that offer both creative freedom as well as boundaries to the people of Pinkeye. Creating new content for each issue, the designers are temporarily transformed into editors, curators and artists. By changing their focus for a moment, they can open their minds to something else and see things from a new perspective.

The magazine gives context to creativity by providing a podium for other cool stuff

Alongside the agency’s work, the magazine publishes projects from young local fashion designers, interior designers and artists. A (free) platform for creativity from inside and around the agency, Whack Smack Bang presents Pinkeye as part of an emerging world, instead of serving as a narrow-minded ego sculpture.

The latest issue (shown above) celebrates Pinkeye’s 10th anniversary. The metallic cover is signed ‘X, Pinkeye’ – a reference to both a kiss and the Roman numeral for ten. Continuing the cover’s rainbow-patterned title, pages within feature in-depth essays on Pinkeye’s (matured) visions on retail, hospitality, identity and the workplace.