Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

The chameleon of identities

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie visual identity

art direction and design Nikki van Onna, Johannes Verwoerd (van Onna, Verwoerd)
coding Oscar Orton, Maurits de Bruin
client Stimuleringsfonds, Anneloes van der Leun

The Creative Industries Fund NL is a governmental organization that stimulates the creative industry in and outside of the Netherlands.

When initiating the concept, we decided that a fund that stimulates design shouldn’t express any subculture; it should embrace all phenomena and design styles without interfering or taking a position. Neutrality is often translated as shapeless, colourless or static. We created a new rendition: neutrality through flexibility, movement and animation.

We designed a new neutral – but with endless possibilities
Dutch logo variations
English logo variations

After designing the starting capitals S and C, we realized that the basic elements were not letters but thick black lines. The line became the first point of creation.

A black line

We applied the logo as a connector, like a paperclip. Sometimes the logo literally embraces certain elements; at other times it implies energy and electricity.

Timeline imagery for Facebook
The logo clips, sticks or connects
Various ad's
The identity could be activated on a personal level, too
Employees could choose a variation of the logo for their e-mail signatures, business cards and brooches, which activated the identity on a personal level.

The websites listens to the same look and feel as the basic elements of the identity: neutral, friendly flexible. The screen is divided into four columns, which grow or shrink, depending on the user’s interactivity. Visitors can zoom in on certain projects, or dig deeper to apply for funding.

The identity’s connectivity theme is continued through highlighting the connections between columns. Clicking on a topic or project makes the homepage disappear into the background, leaving all space for the selected article.

The fund’s first two annual reviews were printed. We approached the publications as both containers for content and as provocative objects. The first annual review was themed Inside Out. The centrefold and surrounding pages were folded to the exterior, making them – and not the factual content – the first layer of interaction.
We approached the publications as both containers for content and as provocative objects
The second annual review was completely different. One side contains the review, while the other is a ‘sketchbook for the free spirit’, stimulating the reader to not only read about last year’s events, but to also dream about the future.

We designed many things for the fund – too many to show here – from programme leaflets to application forms. One standout contribution is a short animation film (01:00), which was born from our enthusiasm to create a movie and introduces that year’s young talents.

In 2015 van Onna, Verwoerd discontinued their collaboration as a stand-alone company, and also their work for the Stimuleringsfonds. Studio van Onna continued the fund’s identity.