A phygital installation on air pressure

Sonnenborgh phygital installation

film direction, design, motion Johannes Verwoerd Studio
exhibtion concept, design XPEX Experience Experts

Sterrenwacht Sonnenborgh is a historical observatory in central Utrecht. It was the first home of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, which was founded in 1854 by C. H. D. Buys Ballot.
Now a museum, the building hosts a mini exhibition at its entrance that targets a young audience of around 12 years of age.

Johannes Verwoerd Studio created a short animated film that complements the spatial exhibition. When visitors enter the room, Buys Ballot’s former workspace comes to life. The meteorologist’s ghost sits behind the table, his hands visible. Welcoming guests, he briefly explains the history of both the building and of weather forecasting in general.

The old tabletop transforms into a zero gravity presentation
When you enter the room, the old workspace comes to life
A young audience doesn’t necessitate naive design
You can’t just throw in some pink elephants and expect kids to learn anything
Find more information about the museum here.