137 Grijstinten
137 Grijstinten

A curious research into greytones

137 Grijstinten artist book

initiative, design and production Johannes Verwoerd in collaboration with Joris Jansen

The idea behind 137 Grijstinten was to create a monument for something elementary and mediocre. Something boring. Something we’re confronted with too often in our daily lives: grey. In figurative art, grey most often represents a certain amount of light. Conceptually it stands for mediocrity or boredom, and in some cases, depression.

We’re told that black and white are not colours. Where does that leave grey? In advanced colour theory, this abandoned ashen child exists only as a theoretical concept in our minds.

A human adult can distinguish up to approximately 15 shades of grey, putting 137 far beyond the capacity of the human eye. A silent yet radical overestimation of the self.

Grey is the one colour that wasn't allowed in the rainbow
137 Grijstinten is as much a monument for grey as it is for subjectivity. It’s about how we perceive and label the world around us, as opposed to what’s reality. A reminder of how quickly we draw conclusions without giving things a second thought.

137 Grijstinten is available exclusively through this website. Inquire via mail.